Human Resource Consultancy
Recent pressure on global organisations to improve business effectiveness and minimise risk is a trend that has hit the HR function hard. The drive to improve business performance through human capital has made it critical for organisations to realise and demonstrate the value of HR policies and processes.
Organisational change is complex because of the interdependencies between the stakeholders, the organisation, its people and supporting technologies; any change in one aspect is likely to affect one or more of the others. The softer' aspects of business change, such as changing behaviours, gaining buy-in of the staff, managing transfers into and out of organisations, and providing training at the right time, are critical to achieving the desired outcomes.
1- Services we provide include the following:
2- Executive Search & Selection
3- Salary and Benefits Consulting
4- Institutional Development & Capacity Building
5- Organisational Reviews including restructuring
6- Human Resources Due Diligence
7- Change Management
8- Change Readiness

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