Consultancy Services

QI, the only company in Egypt that use its own software to establish the management systems, our vision is to change the Egyptian market culture to use the database techniques in establishing any management system, this will help the organizations in data analysis and will have opportunities for improvements. Early in 2008 till 2016 the software called TQM software and cover all management system aspects. Starting from 2017 QI decided to establish a new technique for its management systems database , So QI establish a new application “ Matrix Business Risk Solution “ this software developed based on ISO 31000:2009 and it is upgraded version ISO 31000:2018 to cover all risks with different management systems.

Training Services

QI have a wide range of accredit training courses and have an agreement with many international service providers such As: Robere & Association , PECB Hermes InfoTech TVE international QI Courses classified into accredit and non-accredit courses
Accredit Courses:
Non-Accredit Course:
o QI internal Courses.
o Customized Courses.
o HR Courses.

Auditing Services

QI provide an auditing services for variuos managment system and social audit also ,
these type of service to satisfay the needs of clients who need an imparial assessment to his managment system , or need to do audit on his supplier and do not have competent staff or appling an anti courrption policy
Also ,QI provide this service to client who need to do internal audits in regualr bases.

On-Line Courses

This a new service just added in 2018 to satisfay the need for online training courses for delegates who can not attend that courses due to distance or they are busy , this can be applied only for courses that not required classroom attendance and the self-study will be benfit and acceptable.

Engineering Solutions Services

QI provide engineering consultancy solution services this include electro-mechanical control systems and design for control panels , fire systems , smart home solutions , energy managment solutions ,..etc. ,
this include of hardware or software implmentation like building a fire alarm or fire fighting system or building managment system.

Inspection Services

QI add this new service recently in 2019 , to satisfy the need of many client who looking for proffisonal and standard methodology for inspection and this will cover NDT , Lifting , Fire systems ,and others.